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Born in Auckland New Zealand

It's Personal

Like many young 20 year-olds, we grew up on commercial brand protein powders. Swayed by their flashy marketing and superstar endorsements, we bought it all...and in ignorance fed an industry that was actually doing more harm than good.

The irony was these 'healthy' supplements shared many ingredients found in sugary sodas and confectionary. When we realised virtually all commercial protein powders were packed with this rubbish, we decided to make our own clean alternative.

Bringing It Home

As luck would have it, we lived in a country with a reputation for producing some of the cleanest,highest quality protein powders - New Zealand.

We got to work. By deliberately choosing real, organic fruits and superfoods to complement our blends, we created a purity and authenticity like never before, with a nutritional upside to boost.

Going Good

Our pure proteins were like a breath of fresh air in an industry not known for its transparency. We had real, raw ingredients with nothing nasty added. The nutritional profile was impressive and they tasted great. We then applied our passion for purity to the packaging - insisting on designs that were sustainable, plastic-free and awesome looking!

Friends and family quickly became interested. Since then, thousands of smoothies and countless fist-pump yesses tell us we might be doing something good...

New Zealand Made

New Zealand may be a small island nation, but our country is recognised as a global leader in food production. New Zealand’s fertile land and vast oceans provide the perfect agricultural landscape to support the production of high quality food products. New Zealand invests heavily in the quality of its agriculture and globally ranks 1st equal for food safety, nutritional standards and food safety programs.

Highly Bioavailable

Products that are formulated to have high bioavailability are much more effective, as they help the body to absorb more of the appropriate nutrient, without having to take higher doses. By selecting a combination of the highest quality active ingredients Go Good products work quicker to kickstart protein synthesis, replenish muscle fibers and nourish the human body from the inside out.

Totally Organic

Many of our premium ingredients are organic sourced. Compared to conventional, organic ingredients are cultivated without the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides. For us when creating health products that are ingested, organic ingredients just make so much more sense. In addition organic farming techniques are regenerative which protects and preserves soil quality and encourages ecological biodiversity for future crop cycles.